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Loft Conversion Loft Conversion Loft Conversion

Loft conversion is one of the most popular forms of home renovation in the UK, because of  its numerous benefits. The most obvious benefits are the extra space that will be added to your home and increasing the value of your property. Loft conversion is a great alternative to moving home, especially for growing families in the need of an extra bedroom. Converting the attic is often a lot cheaper than moving to a new house in the same area.

Increased property value

All property experts agree that a loft conversion is one of the best ways you can invest in your home. Not only does it add to the room count, but it adds an entire new level to the house’s structure. With a large enough loft conversion, you could create a master bedroom and en suite bathroom out of your newly acquired space and increase the bedroom count that many prospective buyers take into consideration.

  • Housing Market Research has shown that your house value can increase by as much as 20%
  • Nationwide revealed that loft conversions have the potential to increase the value of the average home by around £37,000.

Extra space

Extra Space is the main reason why people opt to change their home. A well-planned loft extension will improve your storage space and maybe even provide intelligent solutions such as additional storage underneath your new stairs. This decreases the strain on the rest of your home and helps your declutter as well as offering a new bedroom or a living space for your family.

By using ‘dead’ space to create a new room, loft development does not eat into your home invaluable outside space as extensions can. With the stamp-size gardens that are so typical of London properties, this is a another very real and important benefit.

More cost-effective than moving

Before you evaluate the housing markets, take a moment to re-evaluate your current space. With the simple addition of a loft conversion, you may have all the room you need and stay in the same area without having to:

  • Add to your commute or find a new job.
  • Settle your children into a new school.
  • Go through the packing traumas and stress of moving house.

Consider this: stamp duty is often now equal to the cost of an entire loft conversion, so you not only gain more but you spend less.

Create a room with a view

Most homeowners are amazed by the new views they have once their loft development is completed. Being higher up means that you can survey your area from a totally new perspective.

Adding a natural light source

Velux windows, and even Dormers, let in much more light than the other windows in your home. They are much less likely to be blocked by other houses or trees on the street outside.

This means that you can enjoy the maximum amount of sunshine into the room, thanks to the height, positioning and angles of the windows.


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