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House Extension is well known among homeowners and home renovators in the UK. To explain in simpler terms, for those who are unfamiliar with house extension, extending is a way to add space without having to move. Typically, an extension is one level and refers to extending your house into your garden area. So, why invest in a house extension? Let’s cover some major benefits…

Added room

Whether you’re using your house extension for a new playroom, sun room, family room, and more, large families, especially with kids will find something as simple as an extra room can improve your home life tremendously.

House extensions also don’t have to just an extra room added onto the back of the house. They can extend the kitchen, creating more places for appliances or additions such as butcher blocks. Maybe you need a larger laundry room, a house extension can make that possible.

Increased space and property value

In any case, adding another room or revamping your house almost always adds extra value. But a house extension, can be even more valuable when there are neighbouring houses without it. Obviously, with a house extension the square footage is higher, and the home is even more functional after the extension, in turn giving your house more value.

House extension – you get to design it yourself

Deciding how to design your own house extension is a major benefit in extending. For the obvious reason, that it’s your house and there are certain ways you will want it! What is more exciting than getting to personalize your existing house. You can decide the amount of space you actually need and truly design it the way you really want to. If you want more windows, you get that choice. Maybe you’re wanting French doors, you can have them!

Cheaper and faster solution

Instead of forking up a large amount of money for a new home, paying realtor frees, moving furniture companies and more, a house extension is a great way to put your money into something that will get you what you want, but also save you money and time instead of house hunting or preparing your house for the sell. House extension also limits your involvement in a volatile and unpredictable housing market. By the end of it all, you may even have some extra money left over to help decorate the new space too.


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